woensdag 20 januari 2010



Uciecha Dziechcinek x Alasz z Gangu Dlugich, born 16.1.2008,breeder B. Lesniak Malecka,
HD A ,eyes OK

Internationaal Champion
Dutch Champion
Luxemburgs Champion
Best puppie Kampioens Clubmatch Pon Club Nederland 2008
Best puppie Jongehondendag Pon Club Nederland 2008
Bitch of the Year 2009 Pon Club Nederland
3x res.CACIB
5x CAC
4x res.CAC
Club Diploma Obidience A,B en C
Obidience Certificate Beginners Exellent
Obidience Certificate 1 degree Exellent
Obidience Certificate 2 degree Very Good

Dobra is a dog out of thousands. She is very healthy, is doing well at shows and is excellent in obedience. She is afraid of nothing, is at ease in every situation and very stable. Very friendly to everyone, is crazy about children and she adores us and the people she knows. She likes to be hugged and, on our invitation, she even sits on your lap. She listens very well, and can walk anywhere, is socially towards other dogs. Too pushy dogs are kept at a distance with a short bark and only young pups are not quite liked by her. She is very targeted at us and does fine in obedience competitions. At home she is completely dominated by Zosia and as such she knows well what her place is in the pack.
She was a good mother for her first litter and all pups enjoys her free and lovable character. She is worshipped and spoiled by us and she knows that very well. As the first of our dogs she managed to relax next to me on the couch lying down.